Saturday, October 24, 2009

Me and steffie walked out the door and never looked back !

Its a good refresher to get out of school earlier then early sometimes with my best friend. Over all this week has been pretty good a lot of chillin lately with people classes are very easy. ive also come to realize that my life is good VERY GOOD i have the best girl friend in the world, the best best friends ever and my family is great overall some aspects could be better but im not complaing..... well Busch gardens tomorrow with some friends......

The time is always changing im glad my friends dont chang like the time does for all of you who are only the "same person" twice a day your phony

"you little hypebeast i set the trend your following"

"im fresher then a premature newborn "

random quotes on my mind
11/12/2008 is such an important date in my mind and so is 11/12/2009 !
tnh/f<3 !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A smile can hide all the pain

Why do we as people smile? is it because something is funny, someone cute smiles at you or just because you appear to be a happy person? Or do you smile so everyone around you thinks everything is ok when your really dieing on the inside(emotionally). Sometimes i laugh and joke others to hide my pain up until yesterday i was confused about my life confused about everything and everyone... but that was quickly corrected through the help of my wonderful mother and the best girl friend anyone could ever ask for.. they are so understanding so helpful they just are the best they help me through all of my problems and then some... in less then nine months now i will be moving out and on my way to college...sometimes i sit and wonder who will pick me up when im down who will help when i feel like the worst person ever...these people will with the help on my iPhone and my macbook pro (i love technology) i can talk on the phone or video chat....i know im typing a lot of these little dots... but they that what im saying right then is an incomplete thought if i really thought it through i would most likely get frustrated so i just let the thought go on and switch to the next writing this to say from now on i will not hide my emotions and i will treat my loved ones how they should be treated there is no excuse for treating someone like shit.... tati i love you...steffie your the best... ty your more like a brother then a cuzin... kaela...always keepin shit real.... morgan d...weve got our ups and downs but nothing will ever really separate us nothing.... rich,reggie,tef,prince,....CRAZY niggas but yall are the LIFE of the party haha......its approaching 1230 am im very tired and i have to get up in 6 hours so to everyone reading this goodnight, good morning, or good afternoon...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Legacy Will Never End Class of 2010 !

WOW the pep rally was amazing. Ive looked forward to running up those stairs in front of the whole school for so lllloooonnnngggggg and screaming SENIORS so loud that i lost my voice for the remainder of the day! but best of all i was surrounded by the people i literally grew up with....these are the some of the people that Ive shared my highs and lows with some of the people that have my back no matter what the situation is. Sometimes it saddens me when i come to the realization that i wont be surrounded by these same people any more as Im writing this im on the phone with bae(tati<3 ) and talking to my beloved sister which i only get along with on rare occasions.... but im realizing im gonna be so far within the next 365 days i wont be able to just run home or run to my girlfriends house when things are going wrong granite they are only a phone call away or a video chat away i will still miss there presence... i will miss fighting with my sister or arguing with her then making up by not apologizing but just making a new convo a day or two later its priceless in my eyes... iknow my sister is going to read this eventually and i want you to know i love you even though we dont ever say it directly lol.....
steffie - straight up i love you as the best-est best friend ever X)
tati- my heart and soul my everything and my all i love you and after college marriage is not only an option but it will happen its gonna be epic lol

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TO Steffie Torres

welp i promised you id write a blog for you but not about you lol !

so a lot has gone on in my life recently a lot to keep me from blogging unfortunately...from getting into a car accident to literally seeing my heart on a monitor. life is crazy as we all should know by this age...just think about for most of us seniors in one year we will begin yet another chapter of our life...for some it could be a good one for others it could be bad....but regardless of all that hopefully all of the people in my circle will make through college with no problems....high school for the most part is EASY i have one class a day technically two but marketing is so easy it shouldnt be considered a class sometimes lol all we do is talk about marketing techniques, play games on the computer and best of all joke the shit out of each other all in good fun though no harm in callin jo cock breathe steffie cum lips and mike a LUBE TECH (insider) but seriously the people that i really hope to keep in contact with for LIFE(school wise) !! tati<3 (my girl friend of almost a year),and Steffie.

Steffie seriously even though we going through this bull shit with your dad we have a bond that not many people can understand we all of each others deepest darkest secrets stuff that nobody knows besides the two of us.....

we will remain best friends for the rest of our lives no matter what

its destiny lol

Fast Foward to 4:30 best part of the song !