Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get 2 pair !

Even the boxing for the shoes is dope it will be a QuickStrike realase with a retail price of
$175 mens
$110 gradeschool
$65.00 - Pre-School
$50.00 - Toddler
$35.00 - Crib (Gift Pack)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

OuterSPace !!

I don't mess with soulja boy music like that but this track is sick !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fuck swag i got mojo !

so while i was filling in some stock at my great job of finishline i came across these shoes and was like damn these are dope. SO i showed them to one of my friends/co-worker Chris and he was tellin me about the shoe. I'm gonna cop them this week. By the way they are called asic onitsuka tiger.

For all my CommonWealth Va people

You Know Im Hitting it up today !

Friday, August 14, 2009

man prevents lamborghini from taking off

fast forward to one minute to see the man at work lol!

An untouchable swag

Recreate Don't Duplicate !

Recreate Don't Duplicate !

No more Man alives?

If you live in certain parts of east coast and you shop at Man Alive you may have realized something THEY ARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. As a finishline employee i first found out through talking to my manager that Man Alives strategy was stupid first in a local mall called military circle you had a man alive store right in betweeen an up against the wall, and shoe city it was across the hall from DTLR and legends and some other hot clothing store lol but on top of that is was down the hall from a jimmy jazz WTF? If your wondering why they are going out of business its becuase Finishline sold them to jimmy jazz so in a strategic business plan jimmy jazz is shutting all of the man alive stores. The only thing that saddens me about Man Alive closing is that i cant get discounts on my levi 501's. Other then that if you need some stuff and you know what type of stuff man alive selles then go there and buy some stuff everything is 40% off rite now.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Behind every Castle lies a Crook !

So a lot of people don't know that crooks and castles was started by Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio in 2002. They started off like most clothing lines slow and trying to get there name out there. But the thing that really set their line apart from other clothing lines was they were looking for something different a design that hadn't yet been introduced into the fashion industry a design that represented the Los Anglos street lifestyle. However Dennis was strongly influenced by the new york and the new york fashion styles. Through long nights and determination in 2004 they relaunch there clothing line and they worked on what would be their first collection. There first official collection had the help from one of my other favorite clothing lines in4mation with them as a partner they created 5&aDime distribution. Crooks and Castles Really took off in 2007 when they went from national to international. After they went international 4 main celebrities started to rep their gear jay-z, nas, kanye west and rick ross. AND i bet you no one really knows what crooks & castles means.... it means behind ever great achievement behind every major clothing line someone did something crooked to achieve that goal. Dennis and Robert really also want crooks & castles to represent goals and dreams !

(Founders Robert Panlilio on the right and Dennis Calvero in the middle )

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crooks and Castles !

(my favorite crooks and castles outfit)

So i found out about this clothing line from my cousin Ty some years ago and ever since then thats primarly the only clothing line i buy. It deeply saddens me to see it in dtlr and legends because now it doesnt have that exclusive feel to it anymore. Before it was in these stores hypebeasts didnt know where to find it except for on the internet and most of the time they wouldnt order it for whatever reasons. Me i would order it its my favorite clothing line and i hate seeing people wear it just because they seen some celeb wear it or talk about it. I was going to stop wearing it all the time because i seen it in those stores and i seen so many hypebeasts wearing it untill i realized something... they might be able to buy it and wear it but they have NO SWAG so it doesnt really matter. Me personally ive been told ive got a certain swag to me i personally dont care about anything negative that someone says about me or to me..... Thats all i have on my mind for now! hit me up in the comments and let me know what you think!
(in my room wearing one of my favorie crooks shirts)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best dressed male?

So this year for my senior year im going for best dressed along with someother stuff but best dressed is the one i want the most. I need to expand out from h&m, 10 deep, stussy and crooks and castles thats pretty much all i've been wearing for awhile now. So if you have any ideas for good clothing lines (besides like famous, and skate wear) lemme know in the comments thanks. OHH and I finally bought a G-shock today along with my bae's bday gift. just a quick little update on whats going on right now.

Monday, August 3, 2009

iPhone's across the world being hacked?

Recently a security researcher name charlie miller found a flaw in the iPhone new operating system 3.0 so i saw the video on how exactly he did it and realized something... that looks pretty easy to do. SO me being the person i am tried it on my 3g iPhone and to my surprise i failed the first time but i realized what i did wrong went back and tried again (im not a quitter im keep trying until i succeed lol) so within 15 minutes i had hacked into my iPhone. WTF APPLE?? they pay there employees lots of money and they make a dumb mistake like this? The really sad part about this whole situation is that before iPhone OS 3.0 was released like when it was still in beta stage apple was notified about the situation which means they didn't want to do anything about it until about 2 days ago. Luckily there is a way to correct this situation update to iPhone OS 3.0.1 UNLESS you are like me and using you iPhone on an unauthorized network such as T-mobile. YES i did jailbreak and unlock my iPhone. If you are also like me and did this you can use redsn0w to unlock/jailbreak your iPhone just run redsn0w after you update your iPhone and when redsn0w asks you to identify the iPhone OS point it to OS 3.0. if your having problems with this feel free to ask me for help in the comments ill return with an email or something asap because i know everyone loves their iPhone !

Lets meet The over energetic author.

So my name is Brannon or more commonly know as b.frank or B. This blog is primarily going to be about technology some fashion and whatever is on my mind at the time but if your really looking for a fashion blog Soles and Addicts is probably the best blog that has been recently started. but enough about that and more about me. I'm 18 and i like to do the typical stuff shop, chill, party sometimes, but i really love to hang out with my girlfriend shes amazing. Also, I'm a senior and just looking at me you wouldn't think i know half the stuff i knew until you asked me a question then id blow your mind away with all the stuff i know. Now that I have all that out the way sit back and enjoy this roller coaster your about to read and hopefully comment and relater to !