Monday, September 21, 2009

Quotes of Second block !

lame"i got those shoes bro"
me-(looking as serious as ever)"I'M NEVER WEARING THOSE SHOES AGAIN"
me"ey jo y dont you take the dick out of your mout you fag"
(mike and steffie laugh)
Jo(acts as though hes takin a dick out of his mouth) ha shut up mike you LUBE TECH(insider)
me-(laughing hestirically) "ha both of yall is gay so stfu"

Thats it for today i promised my bestfriend i wouldnt put up the other stuff
R.I.P killah
steffie is the bestest best friend ever =)
"she got more mojo then all these other boushi girls" (insider)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lames & school

FIRST these two lames in my second block always come up to me and ask about my jordans the funny thing is they think they know so much about shoes and they dont know shit and one of them tried to say my 12's was fake when he had on some clear yes clear like see thru 7's r u serious. And if they so fake why do you want to buy them. Everyday its the same shit its quite pathetic that people these days cant find their own mojo. Everyday i walk into this class first thing said by these two lames who arent related and share clothes oh i like your j's my reply thanks....then the annoyin convo ey im about to order them or ey i used to have them but the worst part ey nigga lemme buy them WHAT!! no you cant buy them from me nigga tried to buy my near deadstock 12s from the pack for 80 when they worth no less then 180 nigga be serious.... if its that important take ya ass up on niketalk and go buy some. tired of seeing people with what used to be exclusive name brands and they make it look like shit like with a faded crooks shirt with a hole in it or with a FAKE 10 deep shirt.... it saddens me to see this so i am currently on a quest to find other stuff that lames in my school arent wearing like play cloths? the hundreds? cmon wealth clothes? T.I.T.S? i think that might be a plan....

SSSOOOOO.... offf i go to start my day any questions or concerns or even ideas hit the comments up and let me know im out !

"i'm gonna 9-11 them with the mojo"

Monday, September 14, 2009

School X lames in School

So as im sitting in class with my best friend steffie we both realize something we have two of the wackest most knowledgeable guys in class and probably school. I understand if you dont know about something but you think you know naturally you want to debate that your rite. But seriously when it comes to fashion and knowing if something is real or not i know my ish. So back to the subject im sitting in class and these two guys come up to me almost everyday now and try to buy something im wearing or show me something they have. First day/ full week of school they had fake g-shocks and tried to say mine was fake at first lets B-serious both of their g-shocks said aqua sport/star on the back FAKE then today they had a babe watch im thru with this subject time to start ignoring niggas !

Friday, September 11, 2009